our story

Saikotunes® was born out of a passion for authenticity and a deep respect for the artistic process. We believe in remaining autonomous and independent, placing the artist first, and staying true to the original, commercially uncontaminated roots of the artistic vision.

Our philosophy is simple but powerful: The music and the artist come first. We are dedicated to producing great music performed by unique, creative, and iconoclastic artists. This guiding principle ensures that our business decisions are always aligned with the artistic vision and integrity of our artists. The music itself creates the focus, making apparent the inevitable course of our marketing and promotional strategies.

what we do

At Saikotunes®, we emphasize creating distinctive and innovative releases that offer a genuine alternative to consumers. We aim to captivate those looking to discover fresh and exciting new sounds from all around the globe. Whether you’re into indie rock, electronic beats, or world music, our diverse catalog has something for everyone.

why “Saikotunes”?

The name “Saiko” is inspired by the Japanese word 最高 (saikou), which means “maximum; the highest,” but it can also mean “the best.” When something truly exceptional happens, you can exclaim 最高!(Saikou!), meaning “[This is] the best!” This name encapsulates our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of the highest artistic standards.

join us on our journey

We invite you to join us on this incredible musical journey. Discover the unique voices and innovative sounds that define Saikotunes®. Together, let’s celebrate the artistry, passion, and creativity that make music the universal language of the soul.